Kailee Boren

Painter / printmaker

Kailee Boren


Kailee Boren is an artist currently based in Utah. 


Miniseries Happy No. 1 

9.5” x 12" | acrylic, pastel, charcoal, and matte medium on paper | 2018


I am first and foremost a printmaker, because I love process and working through problems and being in control but at the same time out of control to a degree. This way I can be pleasantly surprised. Scratches on the copper plate that already exist or even sometimes come from intentionally scuffing the plate up make me really smile. I love that feeling of something imperfect but being honored and given attention anyway. Leaving those scuff marks does that for me.

I paint because color holds so much emotion and meaning to me. I’ve found that when I close my eyes and go to my happy place, an aquamarine, teal color is alway there. I call this my “Spirit Color”.

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Desert and Sky 


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